A Moment, On Time | Sara Rose Wright.


Photographed by Sara Rose, she captures Tre Cool on stage with Green Day at Download Festival 2017 in Paris, France.
These 100 limited edition prints are all signed and numbered by photographer Sara Rose and musician Tre Cool of Green Day.  They are are archival giclee prints on 320 gsm cold press paper measuring 16”x20” with deckled edges.
The profits from these prints go direct to “924 Gilman Street Project” Berkeley’s legendary all ages non profit music venue which served as the springboard for many punk rock bands such as Green Day.  Sara Rose and Tre have decided to give back to Gilman as the venue has provided so much for them.

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“Music venues are a sacred place, a home, a community. It’s necessary to have these havens, and for them to continue to exist eternally. Music will never die, and nor will the need to be in it, wholly. Music venues are the body of the heart beat. There’s no life in the music if there’s nowhere to hold it safely.” – Sara Rose Wright
924 Gilman Street started on the last day of 1986 as one of the first DIY punk collectives in the country, and has become one of the longest-running independent music venues in the United States.

Today, this iconic venue is potentially facing the same fate as many other icons across the country- closure due to increased overhead and local gentrification. We need to save the one of the original DIY venues in the USA. The long-term fate of our current location is uncertain. We need your help to raise the funds necessary to permanently cement 924 Gilman’s status as THE DIY venue of the west coast.